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.“Please.”Chapter FifteenDaniel couldn’t agree more.His kinky games didn’t do it for him like having her body meshed to his in every way possible.He undid her ties, and gasped in utter ecstasy when she leapt onto his waist.This…this was heaven.He waited till he found his way to the bed before entering her, knowing he’d never make it there if he didn’t.Her fingers raking his scalp, her mouth devouring his, and her wet sex grinding against his abs made it a dizzying adventure there.She was on fire.God, he’d never seen such loving passion.He laid on his back and let her have him.He held her waist while she rode him like an angel, those sweet cries, her perfectly opened mouth, the bounce of her breasts, that was his new addiction and he let it burn its way into his bones and cleanse him.He finally had to have her beneath him.He flipped her over then became entranced.She was his.She belonged to him.She was real.Right there in his bed.****From her calves, Daniel languidly discovered her body with silky fingers, whispering how beautiful she was between the butterfly kisses that followed his path.He ended at her face, stroking his finger across her brow, along her temple, tracing her ear then jaw.He followed the trail with the most delicate kisses before finally settling between her legs.She opened for him.It was such a familiar feeling, like that’s where he belonged.She beckoned him inside her with urgent fingers on his silky hard waist.Nearly nose to nose, he stared at her as he entered slowly.Half way in, he gasped and lowered his head to administer those tender kisses to her lips, capturing her moans as he carefully filled her.She pumped her hips, drawing him deeper.“God, yes, do it, please.”He buried his mouth in her neck and thrust in deep, choking on a groan.Sofia arched with the pleasure, running her fingers from his broad shoulders to his firm ass, relishing in the silky ripple of muscles under her hand as he began to move inside her with a slow steady rhythm.He pulled one of her legs up, lifting her hips, and the angle made her gasp as his cock hit that spot inside her.Throwing her head back, she arched into the feeling and Daniel picked up speed until she could only gasp and cry out in an ascending crescendo.“Fuck you’re beautiful,” he gasped, staring down at her, his hungry gaze moving from her face to her neck and remaining fixed on her breasts as they bounced to his demands.His hips moved faster until there was nothing but the feel of his cock hitting that spot, his body a delicious smack against hers, and the masculine sounds of his own ecstasy, deep and guttural.Kneeling between her legs, he latched his fingers onto her waist and pulled her onto his cock while flicking his hips, hitting that sweet spot harder.Oh God.She thrashed her head and gripped the sheets, the sensation nearly overwhelming her.“Let it come Sofia,” Daniel barely managed.“Don’t fight it.”She was scared of the feeling, it was so much more intense.She finally flew over the edge with rapid high pitched moans, feeling like something broke loose inside her and flooded out hot, flooded her mind.The sound of his orgasm broke through the haze along with the feel of his entire body pressed into hers for his final strokes.Then God, he kissed her, his gasps and moans right in her mouth, exactly where she wanted them.She wound her fingers in his hair and kissed him back, loving that she gave him so much pleasure, that she was in his bed, in his arms and life.****Not a surprise that they slept like the dead after.When she woke later, she found him watching her like there was a TV on her face and some amazing shit was playing on it.She smiled at him.“What?”“What made you choose to come to my office that day?”She regarded him a second then covered her face with both hands.“Oh gosh.” She glanced at him again.“Kinda embarrassing.”He traced the swell of her breasts.“Tell me.”She chuckled a little.“Oh boy.Welllll I belong to this private little Facebook group and every year we do this dare thing.And sooo, my best friend pulled my name and dared me to set an appointment with the doc I was head over heels in lust over.”Her breath hitched when his finger slid over her nipple.“For how long? Were you…”She laughed once then moaned at what he was doing.“Liiiike…six months?”“Damn.I’m…flattered and…insanely aroused by that.”She swallowed, excitement warming her belly.“You’re not insulted?”“Why would I be insulted? I’m amazed you felt this way about me all that time.I’ve never been lusted after or stalked.” His hand made it between her legs and he slipped his finger right inside of her, in a delicate seeking way.He looked her in the eyes.“It’s definitely a turn on for me where you’re concerned.”“Oh God,” she moaned, pumping against his hand.“I can’t believe you didn’t notice me.”He placed his thumb on her clit.“You were good, I never noticed.”She groaned, getting breathless.“You only had eyes for the produce doc.”He lowered his head and suckled her breast and she nearly gasped the words, “What about you? How on earth did you start in that profession?”He lifted his head and stared at her mouth then gave it the same attention as her tit, explaining in between his administration.“I think it started when my grandmother got sick.On one of her coherent days she made me promise not to let myself get like her.She was four hundred and fifty pounds.” Sofia held his face before her and he pushed his way back to her lips.“It’s okay, it doesn’t bother me anymore.” He resumed nibbling at her mouth.“Long story short, I promised her I wouldn’t.So, at twelve, I began studying about the human body.” He nibbled at her chin.“She died, and a few years later, I ended up in therapy and remembered my vow.I studied everything I could get my hands on.”He finally paused and lifted his head, his finger inside her stilling.“Somewhere along the way, I became fascinated with the female anatomy’s reproductive system.It was like entering a whole new world, where you participated in bringing forth life.And I thought, what an amazing thing that would be.” He lowered his head and returned to kissing, his finger resuming its leisure assault that had her hot all over.“Wait,” she gasped, “are you talking about an obstetrician?”“Mmm,” he lowered his head to her breast.“Yes.That’s my true love.”“So why aren’t you in that?”“Insurance was too high, so, I went into gynecology, the sister field.”“Ouch!”“That’s for talking so much.”He soothed where he nipped her breast with tender licks and kisses, his finger insider her going from sweet to possessive and demanding, making Sofia arch and moan.“That’s more like it,” he whispered against her nipple.“More of that.” He varied his speed from deep penetration and finger flicking her core to shallow rapid jabs, then deep jabs.“Play with yourself Sofia.”Sofia obeyed, finding it entirely erotic doing the once mundane task while he watched her.She opened wide and pulled her knees far back.“Fuuuck yes baby,” he gasped.Okay, she reeeeally liked how that affected him and could so play on that without pretending.She used her other hand to caress her breasts the way he did, and her nipples.“Holy shit, yes, do it.” His jabs became intense and deep and Sofia’s mouth opened and the ecstasy flowed out in high pitched moans.Daniel knelt between her legs and let his cock take over.In a matter of five strokes, he had a rhythm that made her scream [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]